About Trevor

Trevor was raised in Reno, where he currently resides and practices Law. He’s an Eagle Scout and a brother of Sigma Nu at the University of Nevada, where he a received my BA with honors in languages.

He attended the Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas, where he served as Student Bar Association President in 2011. After graduation and 2012 bar admission he travelled through Latin America and the United States.

While living in Southern Nevada Dave Wollenhaup co-founded a disability technology company, Equal Access Services. Dave leads it to this day, as we celebrate over ten years.

It was ten years from bar admission to his first law job; an opportunity to work and learn at the Washoe County Public Defender’s Office. This led eventually to a hybrid and digital lifestyle, and the ongoing creation of bytrlaw.com .

Apart from the Law it’s bicycles, computers, travels, climbs, family, flight, sailing and kites.

please write to me if you wish. thank you for stopping by.

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